DEVELOPING Innovative Power Grid Education

 The Power Grid Kit is the first fully functioning grid model that provides educators with a one-of-kind opportunity to explore power grid systems and solutions with students of all ages.

Our accessible wooden block design coupled with integrated electronics makes it easy to demonstrate how the grid and its components work together to bring electricity to our homes and businesses, while also exploring core science standards and the challenges of new technologies.

The Power Grid Kit models the flow of electricity from nuclear, coal, natural gas, wind, and solar power sources through substations before being distributed to industrial, commercial, and residential consumers. It also models distributed generation in the form of solar gardens and private residential wind turbines to demonstrate the broad range of energy options possible in the future.   This kit will allow you to;

  • Learn the basics -  Master electrical concepts such as using meters, measuring voltage and current, and combining components in series and parallel.  
  • Build the system - Combine individual components into an integrated miniature grid system. 
  • Experiment and discover - Design a variety of scenarios based on real systems, then test to see the results. 
  • Make it your own - Adapt it to your town by building your own structures to hook into your grid. See what happens for yourself!  

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